CP and HP Formulas

Every Pokémon has "CP" and "HP" scores associated with it.

On the Pokémon's screen, the CP is listed at the top and the HP is listed under their name:

These values are based on the Pokémon's IV score. Below are formulas used to calculate the values.

CP Formula:

CP  =  FLOOR ( ( ) )
(BaseAttack + AttackIV) × × CPM2
(BaseDefense + DefenseIV) × (BaseStamina + StaminaIV)

HP Formula:

HP  =  FLOOR ( (BaseStamina + StaminaIV) × CPM )


Here is what everything means:

FLOOR Chop off everything after the decimal point.
BaseAttack The Pokémon's Base Attack score.
BaseDefense The Pokémon's Base Defense score.
BaseStamina The Pokémon's Base Stamina (HP) score.
AttackIV The Pokémon's Attack IV score.
DefenseIV The Pokémon's Defense IV score.
StaminaIV The Pokémon's Stamina (HP) IV score.
CPM The CPM for the Pokémon.


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