Encounters (Under Construction/Beta)

Last Updated: 2018-11-16

Sometimes the Reward for a Research Task, is an "Encounter".
However, the Research Task doesn't tell you which Pokémon you will Encounter when you complete it.
This page should help you to match up which Pokémon may be the Encounter for which Research Tasks.

 Special Research

TODO: Description

A Mythical Discovery
A Ripple in Time
A Spooky Message
Let's Go, Meltan

 Research Breakthrough

Task Encounters
Complete 'A Mythical Discovery'
Complete 'A Ripple in Time'
Complete 'Catch 108 Pokémon' in 'A Spooky Message'

 Field Research

When spinning a PokéStop you get a "Field Research" that may have and Encounter as a Reward. And the Pokémon encountered for a specific Field Research Task may change from time to time.
This section allows you to see what Tasks match up with which Encounters, and if you click on the Pokémon, it will show you a CP to IV reference chart.


Limited Availability
Regional Availability
Limited Origin Available As Raid Boss Only
Available As EX Raid Boss Only
Rarity Legendary
Ultra Beast
May combine one from each section.


Look up by:TaskEncounter 
TaskPut the Tasks in the first column, then show all the Encounters for that task.
EncounterPut the potential Encounters in the first column, then show all the Tasks that can give that Encounter.

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