Everybody loves charts for quickly looking things up.

Originally, I made spreadsheets and tried to open them on my phone while playing. But the tables became more and more complex, and took longer and longer to load. Eventually, while loading the spreadsheet the phone would shut down Pokémon GO to give memory to the spreadsheet app.

In the end, I started converting my spreadsheets to content on this site. Then, I started having more and more ideas, and started sharing the link with other Trainers, until you have what is here now.

Pokémon Chart

Interested in seeing what Pokémon there are? How about ones that aren't even released in Pokémon GO yet?
What about getting the basic information about each of the Pokémon that have been released?
Check these out!

Pokémon Quick List

Sometimes you just want to see a list of the Pokémon that fit your criteria. For example, maybe you want to complete a Field Research that involves catching Poison type Pokémon.
This list should help you out.

Possible IVs for Raid Bosses

After you defeat a Raid Boss in a Raid, it is time to try to catch him. But how good is he?

If you look at the CP of the Raid Boss, you can figure out what possible IVs it may have.
Click on any of the Raid Bosses below to see a chart of the possibilities.

Pokémon Move Sets

As mentioned above, there are Fast moves and Charged moves. Every Pokémon has only one of each.
Of course, some moves are more effective than others. These pages show lists of each possible combination for each type of Pokémon, which then tells how much damage it will do.

NOTE: If you find you want to change the Move Set one of your Pokemons have, you can make use of "TMs" that can be one of the rewards you get from defeating a Raid Boss.

I have created a chart for each generation of Pokémon:

Research (Beta)

For Field Research, you perform a Task to get a Reward. But what Tasks match up with which Rewards?

And sometimes the Reward is an Encounter with a Pokémon. But what Pokémon may be the reward for the Task?

These charts can help.

Move Effectiveness

When an Attack Move is used against a Pokémon, it may either be Super Effective or Not Very Effective. This is based on the Type of the Attack Move being used vs. the Type of the Pokémon being attacked.
This page will help you to determine what Attack Moves will be most effective against a Pokémon in battle.

Evolutions Chart

One of the fun parts of Pokémon GO is Evolving. But what can turn into what?
This chart can help.

Pokémon Naming Technique

If you want to create groups of Pokémon that you can find easily, you can set the names of the Pokémon and then leverage sorting and searching to get to them rapidly.

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