PokéRef - The Pokémon Reference

Since I began playing Pokémon GO, I have learned a lot. I began making charts and spreadsheets as reference materials to help me keep track of what I wanted to know about Pokémon. This site is to make it so I (and others) can get quick access to this info.

 Latest News!

01 July 2019
Jump-Start Event!

I have updated the various charts.

Also, new Shopping Boxes are available.


I have tried to organize this site into sections to help you be able to find what you want a little quicker.


Everybody loves charts for quickly looking things up. Like possible IVs for a Raid Bosses or the effectiveness of different Move Sets. All that and more can be found in this section.


There are a lot of places to get generic information about all sorts of stuff in Pokémon GO. But what if you want to focus on stuff that is specific to you? This sections has some tools that could be helpful.

Pokémon Resources

There are a lot of web sites, chat groups, reference data, etc. that provide a lot of resources. Here are a bunch of places that you could find useful.

Technical Reference

There are a lot of technical things under the covers of Pokémon GO. This section contains gory details about how things work, including the GAME_MASTER information.

 Quick Access

Several pages are accessed more frequently than others.
I have collected links to those pages here so you don't have to go searching.

 Possible IVs for Raid Bosses

After you defeat a Raid Boss in a Raid, it is time to try to catch him. But how good is he?

If you look at the CP of the Raid Boss, you can figure out what possible IVs it may have.
Click on any of the Raid Bosses below to see a chart of the possibilities.

 Encounters (Beta)

For Field Research, you perform a Task to get a Reward. If the Reward is something like Berries or Crystals, you can see exactly what you'll get.

But sometimes the Reward is an Encounter with a Pokémon. What Pokémon may be the reward for completing the Task? And how good might it be?

These charts can help.

 Pokémon Move Sets

Each type of Pokémon has a set of "Fast" Moves and "Charged" moves that they may have. Then each individual Pokémon has only one combination. Of course, some moves are more effective than others.
These pages show a list of each possible combination for each Pokémon, which then tells how much damage it will do.

I have created a chart for each generation of Pokémon:

 Pokémon Chart

Want to know basic information about Pokemon? Check out these charts and select the Pokémon you are interested in.

Pokémon Quick List

Sometimes you just want to see a list of the Pokémon that fit your criteria. For example, maybe you want to perform a Field Research task that involves catching Poison type Pokémon.
This list should help you out.

Shopping Boxes

When there are Events in Pokémon GO, they usually have some sort of special package deals in the Shop. Ever wonder how much one of those boxes is worth to you?
Use this tool to find out.

Evolutions Chart

One of the fun parts of Pokémon GO is Evolving. But what can turn into what?
This chart can help.


There is a file called the GAME_MASTER that contains statistics regarding just about everything in the game.
I use the data in them to generate various tables, etc.

I would LOVE to get your feedback!
Let me know about typos, broken links, hard-to-understand (or badly worded) information, etc.
Also, let me know if there is something you would like for me to add or enhance.
Just send me an e-mail at pokeeref@gmail.com (The extra 'e' is not a typo. pokeref@gmail.com was already taken. 😁)